About Us

Who am I? There isn’t much to tell. My name is Anjuli and I’m married to a wonderful, generous and a very supportive husband (M). We’re blessed with wonderful, beautiful and energetic kids. They also happen to be fraternal twins. Our kids make sure that we’re constantly on our feet every day.

What is this site going to be about? Lot of things I guess…day to day stuff, mostly DIY outlet for myself, maybe some fitness, food etc. posts thrown in the mix. Who knows? This is my nTH attempt at a blog lol. We live a pretty boring normal life.

Why mirchibytes?

From a family that loves spicy food and are computer geeks what do you expect? 🙂

— Well, if you know us and break this down, it makes sense:

  • Mirchi: means chili pepper and very spicy (in Hindi). The obvious is that we both love spicy food. Our kids, however, are a work in progress….
  • Bytes: M and I are computer geeks by profession.  I’m not as geeky as I used to be. M is an uber geek 😛

As for why I chose Numnee as my nom de plume? My son, when he was still learning to talk said numnee instead of mummy a lot. I thought it was super cute 🙂

So, together we are mirchi bytes:  yes, we know it’s lame, but we love it!

Halloween 2012 – Our little Ghost and Ghost Buster.


April/May 2016 – Kids are 5 yrs old. 


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